Beautiful original lullabies for your little angel.

In a modern world it's easy to forget how important it is to take some time to sing to your baby. Research shows that listening to lullabies is good for your baby's developing brain. It makes a positive impact on a child's vocal development: babies, whose parents sing lullabies regularly show signs of picking up language skills and early communication skills much earlier than other babies. Plus, singing lullabies to children may help parents bond with their babies in a relaxed and peaceful way. The good news is that you don't need to be Frank Sinatra or Diana Krall for your baby to love your singing voice. With "Lullabies For Tired Angels" you and your baby will enjoy 10 beautiful original lullabies.

This collection of lullabies was created by a Grammy Nominated songwriter and producer Tommy Marolda along with his wife Maria for the world to share. It all started when Maria began singing one of her husband's songs to their newborn daughter and noticed how the baby always smiled in response. It gave Tom and Maria a reason to record a full album of original lullabies. The cover art was created by renowned Russian artist Alexandra Balakina. CD package design was developed by Pro-File Marketing.

All lullabies are presented in vocal and instrumental versions. They are perfect for anyone to sing along and create those special moments with their baby. Don't let this special time slip away from you!

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